Friday, January 30, 2009


I really like how we used this new technology, it really made doing my homework easier. I remember one time when I had to make a wiki posting and I didn’t have that done on the day it was due. But you gave us till midnight that night to finish it and I ended up getting it done. Also google docs was a very neat thing to use, my friend and I used it to revise are drafts for one of our essays. Since we didn’t have any classes together this made it really easy for us to get that done. It also gave me a better sense of freedom and I didn’t feel so rushed to get everything done. I hope more teachers in the future will apply these to their classrooms to make life easier on there students.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daggers in Mens smiles post

People sometimes smile to deceive you, when they really mean to attack you. The smile is then a sign of betrayal. Since Donalbain says this line, after his father's death, it means he distrusts Macbeth's show of mourning/ sympathy. I have encountered many situations related to the quote “There are daggers in men’s similes”. One that I can remember quite well was when me and my friends were playing video games against each other, It was a cold wintry day outside so there wasn’t much to do, anyways I got up to go to the bathroom, leaving my controller in their reach, which I should of never done. As I was walking back I realized they probably did something to my guy or messed around with him so I knew laving my controller by them wasn’t such a good idea. When I got back they looked at me with daggers in there smiles, and that’s when I knew that they did something to my guy. I slowly walked over to my controller knowing that they messed around with my guy and betrayed me so I prepared for the worst. When I un paused my menu I could see that they had killed me over 50 times giving me negative points. I looked over at them once again and they still had that smile on their faces. I was filled with anger and disgust so I reacted to the situation by just quitting the game making them angry, because we then had to start all over.